Friday, December 6, 2013

Raoghat...The land of enchantment

 Bastar has  always been associated with mystery, greenery ,nature, forests and myriad colours. The colours of nature, the tribals and their simple lives.The Raoghat hills are a very mesmerising part of Bastar with rich cultural and religious significance......
The enchantic Raoghat hills are at a distance of 25 kms frm Narayanpur in the Maad region.These mystical hills are home to the indegeneous people....
It houses the revered shrines of Rao Baba (Raja Rao), after whom the hills got their name., The Gods Domma Manjhi ,Usse Mudya ,Jharan Manjhi ,Budha Deo and other dieties are still believed to dwell there protecting the people.The People believe that these Gods are the guardians of Bastar and specially the Raoghat...People gather here periodically throughout the year to show their devotion.

This area is blessed with a rich natural and mineral resource, which has attracted the attention of  industrialists and politicians alike...the lush green forest cover today faces the grave threat of eradication, falling prey to the greed of the policymakers....

About 22 camps of the BSF and CRPF  are now stationed around the Raoghat hills to facilitate the Raoghat project., thus endangering the tribal sentiments and the biodiversity of the area. The tribal way of life is slowly getting disturbed by the entry of these unwanted outsiders...The forces are being housed without the consent of Gram sabhas,which is a violation of the PESA Act and schedule 5 area of the constitution...

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Suggestions required for Separate "Bastar Rajya"...

Dear Friends,
I am looking forward for suggestion regarding my endevour for safe gaurding the interest of the people
of Bastar.I am planing to distribute pamphlets during Gondwana Samaj ghathering to be held on 14 to
16 December at Kanker and also during occasion when there is a gathering of Indigenous People of Bastar.
It is important to understand the local view point regarding a separate "Bastar Rajya".Will a separate "Bastar"
protect the culture and traditions of the Indigenous People and stop exploitation in the name of development?
I request all to email their suggestions at as soon as possible.

One of our supporter suggested the following :-
The leaflet should contain the following-
1. Glorious History of Bastar- Describe how Bastar was not directly part of British regime and how British failed to put under their slavery. The glorious identity of GUNDA DHUR and later the heroics of Praveer Chand Bhanjdev.
2. Bastar is Cheated- How the political class cheated Bastar and its simple peace-loving people. How they conspired to kill Bhanjdeo, their beloved King. How the rich resources of Bastar being looted even after independence. How counter-insurgency have created civil war and fratricide of Adivasis of Bastar.
3. What ailing Bastar today- continued loot of Bastar by political class and outsider business community, invasion by Army, rampant corruption, jobless adivasis, land alienation, destruction of forest and violation of forest rights, diversion of water, destruction of tribal culture and identity, rampant mining and destruction of environment and agriculture.
4. How Bastar can be resurrected-  Bastar can be resurrected if Adivasis get aware of his/her identity and dignity; and resist against his/her exploitation. It is all possible through people's movement and mobilisation. Adivasis have to demonstrate  that they are no longer dependent on both Cong and BJP and can form their own political outfit and front. They can not be kepy divided and deprived of political representation.
5. How PBP(Prithak Bastar Rajya Party) party can help them in organising- Share with them the vision, agenda and the strategy to get align.


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Is the Development in tribal areas for the tribal or is it a way of colonization of tribal areas by the the affluent non-tribal?

During my past few visits to Bastar I feel that what all that is happening in the name of development is only adversely affecting the tribal culture and tradition but benefiting the outsiders who have been waiting for such opportunities to make their fortunes.

Earlier only teenage boys and girls used to migrate for work but now even elders are feeling suffocated in their villages because of outside influence and are leaving in the name working far away from their homes,some of them never ever to come back.Either they get lost in the big cities or die of frustration. Is this the price the original inhabitants have to pay for the so called development policies of the State and Central Government?

In the villages where CRPF and other forces have their Camps are the worst affected.Other than living under constant fear of being picked up by the forces being falsely accused as naxal-sympathizer some young boys and girls are even turning mad because of this forceful interference in their peaceful lives in the name of development.Whose development I guess?

Now in Chhattisgarh 9 new Districts are being formed in the name of development.I wonder how many farmers and tribal will have to do away with their lands to make way for Government and Corporates?Is it government ploy to denotify certain schedule 5 areas so that their so called development projects can come up leaving locals working as laborer in their factory and offices?

Today all national channels are talking of Jarwa Tribes of Andaman Island as to how they are being used as Human-Safari for tourist.I request all front line media and press to visit tribal areas of Chhattisgarh especially Bastar where other than Human-Safari one will find how tribal are working as bonded labour,sex slaves etc. and how many are languishing in jails because our forces feel that all tribal are farmers in the day and naxalite in the night and how many lives were lost because of Salwa Judum?

Is this development or exploitation?

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ravana worshipped on Dussehra in Madhya Pradesh!

BHOPAL: They don't regard Ravana as a negative figure. On the contrary, some people in four Madhya Pradesh districts worship Hindu god Rama's arch rival on Dussehra when all across his effigies are burnt to mark the victory of good over evil.

In some places of Vidisha, Mandsuar, Ratlam and Indore districts, the effigy of Ravana is not burnt but the people welcome the 10-headed demon king.

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Jharkhand's anti-Maoist push drives tuskers wild

Anti-Maoist operations in Jharkhand have caused a herd of elephants to migrate from Saranda jungle, bordering the districts of West Singhbhum and Simdega, and damage standing crops and houses in nearby settlements.

'These elephants are running amok in villages and damaging standing crops and houses,' Ranchi circle conservator K.N. Thakur told IANS. 'Villagers are somehow protecting their lives.'

There are 18 elephants in the rampaging herd and villagers are angry at the damage. 'They have threatened to set the forest office on fire,' Thakur said. 'Forest officials have assured them that they would call experts and train them on how to drive the rampaging herd away.'

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Chhattisgarh coal blocks a test case for acquiring tribal lands

MoEF grants forest clearance, but FRA, PESA compliance still needed

This wedding season, anxious grooms from Parsa and Ghatburra, two villages in Chhattisgarh’s Surguja district, were offered financial assistance from an unlikely source. Adani Mining Pvt Ltd, a subsidiary of Adani Enterprises Ltd, was handing out loans to all those who could prove that the money would be spent on marriage arrangements.

“A company official took us to the bank, opened accounts in our names, and gave us cheques of Rs. 20,000 each. He then took us to the tehsildar and made us sign an agreement,” said Mohar Sai, a resident of Parsa, who said he knew of about 20 villagers who had taken such loans.

Mr. Sai said that in loan agreements, made out on stamp paper in the presence of the tehsildar, villagers promised to repay the company from money received when their lands in Parsa East and Kente Basan were acquired by the district administration and turned into a coalmine operated by Adani Mining.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Common Issues but different point of views..........

Have to start this post analysing my recent visit to Bastar...... How much Bastar and the people residing there have changed,one can understand when you are native from a small village of Bastar and have spent memorable vacations during school holidays there. Once a small village is now abuzz with talk of developlment since CRPF are using the School builidings and contructing few more in the School Campus,the land which my Grand Father had given for starting School so that the poor tribal boys and girl can get education. I wonder what kind of psycological affect these childrens must be having living behind barbed wires and studying under constant watch by the gun-totting CRPF people. Why can't the police force have their camps away from the human habitants especially naive childrens?That too when Supreme Court has ordered all forces to leave School campuses. to be continued.....