Monday, December 18, 2006

Bastar is crying for Help.......

The President,

Dear Sir,

How do you expect the Tribals of Bastar in Chhattisgarh State get justice when the GOVERNOR K.M.Seth being an Army Man is only thinking of Military Solution to the Naxal problem in the State?

In the name of ‘Salwa Judum” in bastar region nearly 1000 innocent people are dead,900 villages are empty,300 villages are being burt by the SPO’s,nearly 1lac tribals are either living in Camps or have migrated to Andra Pradesh or Maharashtra.Not once has he said anything against this inhuman act being done by the State Government and the Tata’s and the Essar’s.Infact today he is holding a meeting of all the top Officers of chhattisgarh which also includes supercop K.P.S Gill to wish them luck before they go to attack the Bastar region in the name of Driving away the Maoist.

Is it fair on the part of the Indian government that on one hand Pranab Mukherjee is providing food for the Maoist of Nepal and on the other hand Bullets for the Maoist of India?????????



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