Thursday, February 8, 2007

Is Sahara News Chhattisgarh Being Manipulated by the State Government????

Dear Sir/Madam

For the past two days the Sahara News Channel is covering a story which shows how young

girls are being recruited by the Naxalites.Even after it was proved that the 89 so called Naxalites

made to surrender were innocent farmers,it should have been the duty of the Sahara News team to

do their research before going on air with the current news which looks as fixed as the fake surrender

staged by the State Government last month.

Is this because since there is a National Level Meeting at Raipur on "Maoist Insurgency"?

The reason why I feel the Story of 12 year old Naxali girl difficult to believe and that they were made

to say the things which they said by the security forces is .....the girl said she was picked by the

Naxalite 6 days before she was captured by forces...Is it possible that in 6 days the 12 year girl

qualified all the Maoist Training and that she was given naxal-dress and also a gun???For what

I learnt it takes years of being Maoist before one qualifies to have a gun. How is it

possible that everytime Naxalites are captured even if its a solitary naxalite he is found in his possesion

condoms,anti-pregnancy tablets apart from the usual arms and naxal literature?

The most painful part of this capture of the 4 so called Naxalites by the security forces was that

the SF Commander in plain clothes told the media that if they wanted they would have done the

encounter of these 4 so called Naxalites which included 2 twelve year old girls but they didn't since

the Security Forces have a human side.This I feel is such a crap since all of you must be aware

what is happening in Kashmir even after the whole world media and press is present there.Just imagine

how many fake encounters must have already happened in the remote forest of Bastar in Chhattisgarh to

satisfy the ego of the State Government,Security Forces and above all MNC's like Tata Steel,Essar,Iffco

etc who want Tribals to dissapear from the Forest so that they can exploit the mineral resources available




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