Saturday, March 17, 2007

Don't Disturb...Butchers at work....

escape from capitalism..the Nandigram way...

You might be jailed, tortured, beaten up or even killed for protesting. Don't you know big money is at stake for the WB govt.,Chattisgarh govt.,Orissa govt.,Jharkhand govt. and others ?

Can't U imagine how hefty the revenues involved with SEZ's are ? And how worthless human lives are in comparison to these revenues. Don'tbe a fool, understand our leaders priorities.

Money can buy anything including human life. Go & enjoy your life, party out, drink and bemerry and for god's sake stop criticizing our leaders on the name of democracy. What Democracy... . which is dead and buried in Nandigram.We are not a democratic country. Why should we be ? We are on our road toeconomic progress. Then why the hell should we think about humanrights ?

It's kinda a weird old phenomenon that only exists in sociology books. Sorry..... it's still relevant but only when voters are to be foxed for their votes. So, fellow indians..... just shut up your mouths.... because as I said before..... Butchers are at work.

posted by Neeraj Agrawal

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