Friday, March 23, 2007

Introducing Mahendra Karma - The Tribal Killer from the Mystical Place called "Bastar"...

Backstabbing Mahendra Karma(right)

Mahendra Karma the political leader from Bastar has many facets to his life.Started
of his political carreer as a Communist leader then joined BJP and now is the leader
of opposition party Congress in Chhattisgarh.As you can see from above the only reason
he is in politics is to make money that is why he is been in so many parties.

If people of Chattisgarh are to be believed he is an agent of BJP Government and the
business community of the State.This is the only reason that being the leader of the
opposition party Congress not even once he has spoken strongly against any of the
anti-tribal State policies of the present State Government.Even though the whole of the
Congress party of chattisgarh is against "Salwa Judum" he is the only one leading the
"Salwa Judum" campaing against the innocent tribal population of Chattisgarh.

The "Phirang" Sonia Gandhi and other Congress Leaders sitting at Delhi knowing very well
that "Salwa Judum" is a crime against humanity are not able to do anything against him since
he openly threatens them that he will quit congress and join BJP.So to please Karma the Congress
party at Delhi doesn't mind if thousands of naive tribals are being killed and displaced by an agent of
BJP,Tata Steel,Essar Steel and Land Mafias.

Mahendra Karma and his men have been on a land purchasing spree since the day State Government
signed MOU's with Tata Steel and Essar Steel both at Lohndiguda(Tata's Site) and Dantewada(Essar's Site)
at throw away prices from the innocent tribals as low as two thousand rupees per acre only to be given to
Tata steel and Essar Steel since he has already been paid more than 100 crores by these MNC's to start
"Salwa Judum" and to work as their Land Broker.
But Karma now realises that the Tribals of Bastar have come to know of his devilish intention.After "Ranibodli"
incident even the SPO's have started speaking against him and "Salwa Judum".As a desperate measure he came
up with a plan which is as follows:-

On 18th March 2007 the leaders of different tribal community from all over Chattisgarh were called at "Guru Tej Bahadur
Community Hall" near "Raj Bhavan" on the pretext that there is a meeting to discuss "Salwa Judum",SEZ,tribals right over
forest etc.

Once all the leaders arrived at Raipur all were in for a shock of their lives.The gathering of almost two thousand tribals
were hurt when they came to know that the whole meeting was organised by Mahendra Karma and his men to con the Tribal Community
again in the name of "Chattisgarh Adivasis Mahapanchayat".In his speech not once did Karma talk about Salwa Judum or the tribals
killed but was presenting himself as some who cares for the tribals by bringing them under one banner under "Chattisgarh Adivasi

Isn't it quite obvious that Karma feels left out in the Tribal Community since the start of Salwa Judum and that
he is fearing that "Sunil Mahto" will happen to him sooner than later??How can the Tribal Community ever forgive a back Stabber
like Mahendra Karma ever??

This is the same Mahendra Karma who cheated the Tribal Community in 1997 when Chattisgarh State was not formed.
In 1997 the State Assembly of Madhya Pradesh had passed a resolution to bring the Bastar Region under Schedule 6
of the Constitution Of India .But Karma and Arvind Netama after recieving money from the Business Community of Bastar
objected to this resolution.How can two tribal leaders object to Schedule 6 of the Constitution of India which is meant to
safegaurd the interest of the Tribals????

Since then the Tribal Community of Bastar feels cheated by Karma and there is a popular belief amongst the Tribals that
like Ajith Jogi he is also not a real tribal and that he has promised the Business Community that he will convert Bastar
( A Schedule 5 Area) into a Non-Tribal Area soon.No wonder "Salwa Judum",Tata Steel,Essar Steel and BJP are so
important to Mr.Mahendra Karma...

Jai Budha Dev Jai Bastar

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