Monday, March 12, 2007

Sincere Request of a father....

recieved this letter by post....
The Governor,
Chhattisgarh State,
Subject:- Sincere request from a Father....

Dear Narsimhanji,

As a father of a 4 year old daughter its very important for me to bring to your knowledge about the pollution
coming out of the Sponge-Iron Units and how it is affecting the lives of the people living in Raipur city?

Few days back my daughter developed breathing problem and when I took her to Dr.Sangeeta Nagraj
I was told that my daughter has severe chest conjestion because of dust pollution and that if we had
delayed her taking to a doctor she would have developed asthma.
I live in Shankar Nagar which is suppose to be a posh colony of Raipur and if we are having such problem
because of the iron-dust coming out the hundreds of the sponge-iron and Blast-furnance units just imagine
the conditions of the people living close to these industrial areas.
Not only the air is polluted but also the water which we are getting at home.If we leave the water in the bucket
for some time there is a brown layer of dust which settles down and if by mistake we walk around the house
bare-feet there will be black marks all around the house.If you don't believe me then kindly ask one of your staff
who gets water from government supply and also about the iron-dust in their houses and their terraces.The reason
why I am not asking you to do this is because I am sure Governor House is a dust free zone and the water which
you must be using must be filtered by some expensive machines.But what about the millions of other people who don't
have your kind of facilities?

What right the greed of few Industrialist have to make the future generation of Chhattisgarh weak by polluting their heart
and lungs with Iron-dust which is also known as Ash-dyke?In three years of the present State Government we haven't seen
single new play ground or gardens for childrens but so many grounds which were used by people for sports have been converted
into residential or commercial purposes.So many adjoining areas to Raipur which used to be Green Belts once upon a time but now their
land use has been changed to either residential or commercial thanks to the many Builders who have direct links with the politicians.
In three years the people of Raipur haven't seen any plantation to counter the pollution infact thousands of huge trees have been
felled to make way for new housing and commercial projects.Is this the way Chhattisgarh government is preparing the State to counter
global-warming and environment change?All the State Government talks about is Jatropha plantation which is a toxic shrub.Already
childrens in villages have fallen victim to Jatropha(Ratanjyot) seeds thinking its a fruit.Don't you think the State Government should
have spread some awareness about the dangers of this plant before planting it into Tribal rural areas?But how can they do anything against
the wishes of the Multi-National-Companies who are doing these plantation all over Chhattisgarh?Are these MNC's here just for plantation
or is it their strategy to grab thousands of hectares of land all over Chhattisgarh?

The State Government has a "Gau Seva Ayog"(for the welfare of cows) but are they concerned about the cows?More than 100 villages have
been brought under some scheme and the other thus increasing the land values of their Agriculture land which in turn has been bought
and fenced by the rich people of the State.Where does this leave millions of cows and other animals?They don't have any place for grazing
and slowly these cattle will end up in slaughter houses.Is this the way the State Government is protecting the cows??

Any land broker you approach will suggest you to buy Tribal land because its cheap and he will also gaurantee the permission for the purchase
of TRIBAL land in few months time.This is rampant throughout the Chhattisgarh State.Sir when the Constitution doesn't permit sale and purchase
of tribal land by non-tribals then why is this happening right in the open?This is one of the main reason why forest are dissappearing so fast.Non tribals
use their money and heavy machinary to turn a green Tribal land into a place of commercial use.

Please don't think that I am writing something which has nothing do to with my daughters health infact I feel all these factors are responsible for
the current situation and very soon it will lead to a serious medical and environment disaster.

My sincere request to you sir is that please save the future of Chhattisgarh from becoming weak.


Brijmohan Agrawal

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