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News from Karnataka....

Respected editors, reporters and other representatives of themedia, struggle greetings to you.We are sending this press release with concern of recent Karnatakagovt's amendment to land revenue act. For recovering govt lands.Requesting to publish this in the media.

Yoursin the struggle GangadharaFor the the state committee Communist Party Of India (Maoist)Karnataka13-04-2007------------ --------- --------- ----- PRESS RELEASE ------------ --------- --------- --------- ----

Karnataka assembly passed an act, draconian in nature, on grabbingand encroachment of govt lands. It provides the authority to arrest andsend to jail land grabbers and encroachers with 10000 rupees fine. Itwas said that this act is for punishing those rich and real estatepeople who commit these crimes. This act passed without much discussionin the floor of the house and outside the house. Chief minister orallyassured that this act would not harm interests of the poor. But there isno provision for the same in the act so far. This shows the real natureof the act, govt intended to implement.

This is nothing but getting further legality to the anti peopleactivities of the govt, which is vacating forcefully the slum dwellers,poor and middle peasants, small businessmen in the name ofbeautifications of the city, national parks, reserve forests,sanctuaries, dams, mines, power projects, forest protection, sezs etc.These are all according to the dictates of the imperialists andcomprador bureaucratic bourshoisies.In Bengalore and other cities, vacating slum dwellers forcefullywithout any minimum human considerations are going on. In Western Ghatsand coastal Karnataka, govt is trying to dislocate tribals and otherpeasants from their birthplace. Most of them are not having any recordsof their own. So called democratic govts, not provided any records forthese small pieces of land holdings up to now.

All these people willbecome culprits in the eyes of these rules and any concerned officialcan send these people into the jails without any queries. Such adraconian act enacted without much opposition. Few opposition partiesqueried for the namesake only. They are not having any real concern tothe poor people. They are conniving with this conspiracy.In reality all laws and rules are only applicable to poor and downtrodden, not applied to big landlords, big business houses, ruling classpoliticians etc. This is prevailing in `independent' and`democratic' India as well Karnataka.The ruling class politicians, big planters, imperialist companies,big industrialists, they grabbed thousands of hectares and stillgrabbing land in daily manner. Does this government confiscate those? Orstop those? Never. Then what is the purpose of the act? Only to gettingcontrol over the common people's land and paving the way for smoothhand over of land to the above said schemes of imperialists and bigbusiness houses.

State and central govt is handing over thousands ofacres of land to the sez etc, where no rules of the land apply. It isnothing but fortifications like advanced British east India Company. Wecan imagine, what is the govt's approach towards the common people,west Bengal's nandigram, singur, recent examples is there.Karnataka's Thatkola,Kundur, Sargod of Mudigere taluk etc, arethere.Last year district collector and police superintendent of Chickmagaloredistrict took initiative by using stipulated law to distributeencroached lands of the planters to dislocated people of Thatkola. Butnot left to materialized. Consequence was punishment of transfer andharassment to them.

This is the reality of Indian democracy and it'sruling system.We strongly oppose this act and demanding the government to withdrawit immediately.Frame suitable law to confiscate all extra and illegal lands of thebig landlords, big planters, big industrialists, real estate agents,politicians, and religious institutions etc.and implement it.It should be distributed to landless and poor people with records.We are strongly demanding to give records to poor people for theirland holdings where they are living now.We urge govt to give back all confiscated lands of the poor and commonpeople for the benefit of imperialists, big business houses etc. withcompensation for the loss.We call upon all poor and landless people to stood firmly tosafeguard lives and land with all preparations to fight back govt'sill fabricated laws and actions.

Expose all election parties and wagestruggle to confiscate all extra and illegal lands of big land lords,big business houses, imperialist companies, religious institutions, bigpoliticians etc and distributing the same to the common people.We are appealing to all progressive, democratic forces to oppose thisact and struggle against these anti people law enacting. Pressurize govtto confiscate extra and illegal lands with proper framing andimplementation of law.

With revolutionary greetings


News courtesy Jharkhand Jindabad

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