Friday, April 27, 2007

Vultures of Chhattisgarh.....

These three vultures TATA,Essar And De Beers hope to exploit the wealth of the Adivasi's. These adivasi's are multi billionaires on paper.
The land that their ancestors havelived on for centuries are rich in mineral ores and diamondsand are worth 100's of billions of dollars yet they continueto live in poverty and are being made into slaves in theirown land by criminal corporations who now wish toexploit it.The Maoists today represent the last stand of the adivasimasses , their inspiring resistance against the loot bycriminal corporations and bania cartels will truly go downin the People's history of India as one of mostimportant struggles of our times.
A turning point it shall be....In the absence of the Maoists.. the adivasi's by now would beall set to join the Red Indians of North America....but there is still hope that the Maoists will lead the people ofChhattisgarh to ultimate victory and overthrow theirtyrannical rulers and free them from the inhuman economicsystem and barbarian social order.
And hope dies last... Only after every single one of us is dead...

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