Saturday, May 26, 2007

Is this the democracy and gantrant?....

Posted by: "Praveen" praveen_irm
Fri May 25, 2007 11:40 pm (PST)

It's very painful to see my land in such a colorful scene, the colorwith blood and the color with chaos all around.The fake encounters!Rapes and murders of innocent people!Forcing tribal to fight for them, shielding the so called police!Showing power of khakhi to innocent citizens!Arrest of human rights individuals!The open bribes and bureaucrats!Recruitment of kids and teens in the so called police oriented protection!Showing the power of lathis to women and elder citizens?

When I was in my college, many of my friends were not known tochhattisgarh, they used to ask me about CG, its traditions, itspeople, its peace, its jungles, its values, in fact its locality in the Indian map! Now I don't have to answer them. Thanks to police,thanks to administration for showing unique behavior and making a different chhattisgarh !!!It seems, administration is not loosing a single chance to deface the great values of chhattisgarh,

Praveen Manikpuri
New Delhi


Anonymous said...

thats real painful, go ahead youths are with you.

Chhattisgarh needs the fire and thats what i think you should come across from paper and participate directly towards development

where are you based, lets start the revolution.

Bastar said...

i am based in raipur..

lets sit together and plan for the revolution...

where are you based???