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SJ Camps to be made Villages- Raman Singh(Daman Singh)....

(comments taken from cgnet.in)
Salwa Judum shivir ab ban jaenge gaon

The statement of the Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh has confirmed his ill intentions that he wants to make the camps as parmanent villages.

Who will agree with the Chief Minister that majority of tribals are happy living at Camps? What nonsense! The fact is that they have been terrorised by buring their houses, by killing their brothers and sisters who have opposed them to state that they would not go to camps.

Tribals have been treated worst than animals to bring them to Camps.This is known to everybody except Raman Singh. Tribals all over India discuss the tragedy in which their brothers and sisters have become scapegoat of RSS and Salwa Judum.

Will Raman Singh visit the bordering Andhra Pradesh where as per available reports, several thousands of tribals are forced to fleeto escape the wrath of the Salwa Judum who are after their blood to any how destroy their villages.

I have one more question to Mr. Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh. Can you dare to allow those tribals to speak the truth? Can you dare allow those tribals to come to National Capital New Delhi and speak out their heart to the National and International Media ?

Tribals were happily living in their villages till you started the bloody violent game of Salwa Judum to cleanse not Naxalites but the tribalsfrom all those villages and destroy their villages so that therewill be no villages and no need to call village council meetings toget their consent and pass resolution to hand over the necessary required permissions to TATAs and ESSARs with whom your government has inked MOUs.

I am hearing from others that the Salwa Judum is adrama performed to set the stage to get large areas vacated so thatit can be smoothly handed over to TATA and ESSAR.The statement of Raman Singh are inching forward towards confirmation of allegations that big games are played in red with blood of tribals, to facilitate handing over them large areas of land for looting of natural resources of the state which the tribals have safely guarded since billions and billions of years.

What a tragedy in the time when man is going deep into the space to unearth hidden facts but we the tribals in particular and other humans in general are not able to see what is going on in the forests of Dantewada where our brothers and sisters have fallen pray to a systematic well planned mafia type of acts of Salwa Judum who also do not know the hidden interests of those who control them with strings tied to them.

Tribals of the country needs to act and act fast to save their brothers and sisters in Chhattisgarh.

Samuel Lakra(CGNET.IN)

Raman Singh has shown his true colours at last.This was to happen today or tomorrow.
After destroying almost 800 villages of Dantewada in Bastar, forcingalmost one lakh tribals to live as refugees, Mr. Raman Singh,shamelessly states that those tribals have come to the camps ontheir own and are no more interested to go back to their villages.
He is pleased to say that government is also considering to make this make shift camps as permanent villages.Where else one can find a better example of how to fool people that the Chief Minister of the state himself demonstrates.
Why Raman Singh is hesitating even now when he is exposed, to tellthe world that all this SALWA JULUM was a friendly match played byboth the major political parties to pursue their narrow personal gains and to hand over the vacant lands to TATAs and ESSARs. Whenthere are no villages any more, no villagers dare to go back becauseof Salwa Judum, and hence no need to call any village council meetings to pass resolutions in an area which is a Schedule V area.
The statement to make the camps as permanent residencies of tribalshas put a seal of confirmation that the bloody violent game of Salwa Judum is planned by someone else who wants to take control of thearea from where the brave Raman Singh and his team of Salwa Judum have wrecked havoc.
The bad intention of a corrupt government stands exposed as we shall not be surprised that at allparty meeting, a decision is taken to that effect.The face of the murderer of democracy at Dantewada and blunt violator of the rights of thousands of poor, illiterate tribals is now exposed before the world.
Now Raman Singh and his his puppet cabinet with opposition leaderswill meet together to hand over the land by giving the status ofvillages to the camps and declare the vast area destroyed by almost800 villages as vacant to hand over to those whose EAGLE EYES havefallen on the land of POOR TRIBALS.
It is high time, a documentary should be prepared to show the modusoperandi of the Salwa Judum
Ø Local political leaders leading the group armed with weapons
Ø SPOs move with them to attack the villagers to force them toflee.
Ø Police force giving support and cover to ensure that whatever this Salwa Judum do is covered to ensure that truth nevercomes out.
Ø Destroy and burn houses who oppose, or take leadershipinitiatives.
Ø Kill those who also resist or take leadership initiatives orhave in the past raised any voice against the corrupt political andgovernment officials.
Ø Eat away the money that comes from the central government toplay the game of SALWA JUDUMØ Bring the tribals to camps by force
Ø Tell the world that the tribals have come on their own andnow they do not want to go back to their villages
Ø Call a all party meeting, share the prize money of the SALWAJUDUM game sponsored by industrials houses and then declare thatthose tribals do not want to go back and the camps are recorded inrevenue registers as Villages.
Ø Hand over the vacant land to those who have sponsored theSALWA JUDUM game.
Ø Give permanent jobs to the SALWA Judum people whowill run the parallelgovernment.
Nakul Pradhan i.e. Nakxy(CGNET.IN)

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