Thursday, June 28, 2007

Things waiting to happpen in North Bastar.....

The Raoghat project was rejected by the Environment and Forest Ministry some ten years back.So what makes this project viable in these days of Global Warming and Tsunami?????

The Tribals living in the "Salwa Judum" camps are like this Hill Myna Bird Above.Caged and waiting for their death warrant.

Once the whole of Bastar had these beautiful Wild Buffaloes.Which also shows in the head gear of their God "Budha Deo" also known as "Lingo Pen" in gondi language.But these beautiful animals are now almost extinct.Will the Tribals of India also have the same fate????

One Tiger killed is equivalent to 10,000 Tribals killed or displaced.Is this the reason why the Indian government is not serious about saving the Tigers???

When people from Discovery Channel or National Geographic should be covering the whole of BASTAR but all we is the Survey teams from the Tatas,Essars,BSP etc trying to con indigenous people from their forest and homeland of thousands of years.....

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