Monday, July 23, 2007

Campaign for Dr. Mohamed Haneef

Join the campaign to protest illegal detention of Dr. Haneef by Australian authorities. Protest loud and wide for the Indian doctor who is being held on trumped up charges and denied chance to visit his wife and daughter in his home country even when it is clear that he has nothing to do with terrorism or Glasgow bombing.

In support of Dr. HaneefVote to show your support for Dr. Haneef


1. Is it a crime to buy and travel on one-way air tickets?

2. Are all relatives of a terrorist are considered terrorists?

3. Dr. Haneef's SIM card was not involved in any terror activity.

4. Why was his wife's visa to Australia canceled?

5. When Dr. Haneef's visa was canceled, why was he not deported?

6. Why Dr. Asif Ali, friend of Dr. Haneef was harassed and why he is not allowed to say what happened to him when he was under detention?


Decision of the Immigration Minister revoking Dr. Haneef's visa: download pdf 2.9mb

Transcript of the interrogation by Australian Federal Police: download pdf 22.7mb

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