Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Down with SJ.............

On June 5, the PURIFICATION HUNT or Salwa Judum completed two years.It has pitted the people versus the police.This so called purification campaign headed by Mr.Mahendra Karma.The members of Salwa Judum are on a spree of destruction, terrorising people, burning down villages and driving away peasants.

What has the Salwa Judum really achieved in the past two years?..Lots...More than 500 adivasis murdered by the Salwa Judum and CRPF 644 villages and still counting, burnt out of existance.Around 45958 people dumped into dreary 27 camps.

Property worth millions looted.Sexual atrocities against hundreds of women by the Salwa Judum activists, the paramilitary forces and the police.No weekly markets in many villages, thereby people can neither buy nor sell essential items.Schools in over dozen villages turned into camps.

Payments at checkposts controlled by the Salwa Judum activists.Violation of civil and democratic rights of the people.Cultural life is affected too.Ghotuls have disappeared, NO collective celebration of festivals.Collection of forest produce is affected, as the people fear going deep into the junglesIn short Salwa Judum has ruined the political, social and economic lives of the locals.

Mr. Shivraj Patil proudly announced that 33000 strong para military forces are deployed in Chattisgarh.CG police between 10000 to 40000 and SPO's numbering around 5000.A total of 80000 armed personnel are deployed.But are they able to bring positive results? peace?Why has the Salwa Judum become so important for the ruling class?

Earlier the adivasi landlords and tribal chieftains dominated the villages.Gradually non adivasis migrated to this area and grabbed vast areas of adivasi land by unfair means, violating all laws that are supposed to protect adivasi lands.These outsiders even dominated the institutions of local power like Panchayati Raj etc.The adivasis toiled sweat and blood and the landlords savoured the fruits of labour.

Gradually the Maoists started organising the people against the exploitative practices.The people backed by the Maoists initiated the slogan of 'land to the tiller'.Thousands of acres of land was occupied while fighting against the state.They seized land from the landlords and distributed amongst the peasants, especially the landless and the poor.This land reform started to weaken the very foundations, based on which the feudal exploiters were able to dominate the adivasi society economically, socially and politically.

The feudal oppressors lost their authority over the adivasi areas due to the revolutionary movement.The people who lost their authority started and are continuing the Salwa Judum campaign in a desperate bid to regain lost power.

The central and State Govt. launched a false propaganda that the Salwa Judum was a mass movement of the adivasis who wished to drive out the naxalites.They managed to convince a section of the population.Dandakaranya area is rich in mineral resources.In Dantewada district alone there are an estimated 700 million tonnes of iron ore deposits.Dandakaranya has about 18% of the country's total iron ore deposits.Apart from this graphite ores, limestone in Bijapur and Uranium deposits are plenty.There is no dearth of Water resourses for hydel projects too.Due to this MNC's and other plunderers attracted.The State govt. has signed MOU's of 134 billion$ with them.

For these devious schemes to see the light of the day the revolutionary movement has to be uprooted, this is precisely why the Salwa Judum was launched and supported by the ruling class.The only positive outcome of the Salwa Judum is, it has brought the inherent potential of people in waging a war of resistance to light, thus unmasking the genocidal nature of SALWA JUDUM the PURIFICATION HUNT.

source - koyatoor

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