Monday, July 2, 2007


People are venting their anger over land acquisition in various places.

Tribals and peasants demonstrating against so called "development' projects , ranging from roads to swank factories in SEZ's.The Government puzzled over why the people are resenting projects that are intended for their development..The truth being ,the development is really of the business class and the land mafia!

Here the sentiment of resistance is tapped by the militancy to bring about violent responses.

Earlier non violent protests drew public attention.Now the agitations aim at procuring higher compensation packages, not just money but total packages as offered in Singur to the displaced.

Land acquisitions have helped the scattered Left groups to unite and support the farmers.A kind of symbiotic situation exists.The Left gaining support and in turn the farmer's gaining a support base.

Displacement therefore is binding the tribals and peasants to the Left and to the societies action groups.The common factor being protection from exploitation and the common enemy- the State!

Will an alliance between the Left and the social action groups bring about results? Will an intermingling of volatile responses and peaceful ideologies culminate in the 'ideal solution' that we all are looking for???

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