Sunday, August 26, 2007

The British left but we still have Tatas to exploit us......

100 years of Tata Steel????

One Shouldn't forget few of the following achievements of Tata Group :-
1)Nearlly 20 Tribals killed and their bodies cut to pieces by Tata Goons and Orissa Police at Kalling Nagar.The only fault of the peasants was that they were trying to protect their farmland from forceful acquisition by Tata Steel.
2)In Lohndiguda Bastar,raping of Tribal women has become a common event by the Tata Goons.Once a peaceful area now has become a terror zone all thanks to the TATAs Steel project here.So who are the bad guys?Tatas or the Naxalites??
3)Tata small car project at Singur has rendered so many families jobless.Nobody knows how many people have been killed so far since the protest against Tata group started in West Bengal.
4)Tatas have joined hand with DOW Chemicals of America to take over Union-Carbide at BHOPAL.Union Carbide killed more than 25000 people and still people are dying in Bhopal because of this Company?So I wonder is Ratan Tata an agent of the Americans.
I can go on but I don't think Ratan Tata should get so much importance....

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Renegade Eye said...

Dow Chemical made napalm that was used in Vietnam.