Sunday, August 26, 2007

Is it the right way of helping mentally retarded women of Raipur????

(the depressing hoarding on the right and self-proclaimed messiah on the left)

Anil Mittal an Industrialist,has put above hoarding all over Raipur City showing
a mentally retarded woman in pathetic conditions.

Looking at these hoardings why am I feeling so depressed?Is the pollution of Raipur by these so called Industrialist
and Chopping of huge trees in the name of widening of roads was not enough that the likes of Anil Mittal has put such
depressing hoardings all over Raipur?

If Mr.Mittal does a research he would find out that the reason for so many mentally retarted people in Chhattisgarh
is because of the expansion policies of the State Government and likes of him who have turned so many beautiful villages
into so called slums of the city.

May be his intentions are good but by putting such hoardings it again shows how the poor conditions of the retarded people
can be used to become God by someone else....

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