Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Pathetic Medical Conditions in the Tribal Regions of Chhattisgarh.....

(this snap was taken in Maraiguda Camp in May 2007.just imagine what the monsoon must be doing to these childrens in the camp.this was the camp where villagers were conned by local politicians having affiliation to Mahendra Karma by saying that they have to stay in the camp for only 2 days.Its now been 6 months and the tribals are stuck in the camp youu never know for how long. ) Photo Courtesy-Laureen Reagan alias Chameli
By IANS, [RxPG] Raipur, Aug 20 - Eight tribals including five children have died and more than 50 have been hospitalised after a diarrhoea outbreak in Chhattisgarh's Bastar district, officials said Monday.

'Eight tribal people have died since Saturday morning following an outbreak of diarrhoea in nine villages spread out in five different blocks in Bastar district,' S.M.M. Murthy, a senior doctor with the epidemic section of Chhattisgarh's Directorate of Health Services, told IANS by phone.

He stated that 560 cases of diarrhoea were reported between Saturday morning and Monday afternoon in Bastar and more than 50 patients were taken to a government hospital at Kondagaon after they complained of consistent vomiting.

'Doctors and health workers have reached the affected villages and they are holding house-to-house contacts to identify diarrhoea patients,' Murthy informed.

'District health authorities have been deputed to hold camps in each of the nine affected villages and take serious patients to the government hospital for urgent medical help.'

And the present State Government was planning to ban MSF an other NGOs working in the remote areas of Bastar?

BJP State Government and Mahendra Karma should realise that they have already killed and displaced enough tribals in the name of Salwa Judum then why kill more by denying the peasants of Bastar basic medical facilities?

I am worried about the conditions of the People in the remote Judum Camps since everthing looks rosy in the Camps easily accessible to people but the camps inside bear a pathetic look.

There is no electricity,no clean water,no medicine,no food etc.Even the C.G. Police posted in such camps are having a tough time then just imagine the conditions of the tribals living in these remote camps.

The Only people who enjoy the best facilities are the CRPF and other Armed Forces deployed from other States.

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Very powerful post. Your blog is becoming a tool to fight reactionaries in India and your state.