Thursday, September 20, 2007

After giving Salwa Judum to South Bastar its time for exploiting North Bastar.

A schedule 5 area,the sentiments of the tribals has been deeply hurt in and around Benur under Narainpur of Bastar district.Without any "Gram Sabhas" or taking any tribal in confidence an Andra based road construction company has felled huge Mango trees.

The State Government as part of their conspiracy to exploit the Raoghat and other "Maad" region of Bastar have chopped all the huge roadside mango trees between Kondagaon and narainpur especially around Benur on the pretext of broadning the roads.This to make make way for huge Machine which will dig Rao Ghat hills.

A road which hardly sees any traffic is being broaden by comprimising with the sentiments of the local tribals who have grown up eating mangoes from these trees.

Not only nature has been terrorized by the present exploitation but its giving wrong signals to the indigenous people by cutting huge mango trees .If the Government/Contractor nexus is cutting the trees on the roads then why won't a poor tribal hesitate from felling trees deep in the forest??

Is this the way India is planning to fight Globle-Warming???

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