Saturday, September 1, 2007

Does Anybody care for the Animals and Birds of Bastar???

The news says that because of naxalites the Indravati Tiger project should be shelved.

The reality is far from what the above news says.

If the Tiger project at Indravati becomes a success then how would the likes of Tata,Essar,NMDC and
others exploit the mineral reserve of Bastar and also river Indravati?

If a team of wild life enthusiast are sent to Bastar region especially Kanger Valley,Abujhmaad etc they are
sure to find some endangered animals....

Even now people in Bastar claim to see Black-Panther and variety of birds which I think the outside world doesn't know

There is a strong possibility that Cheeta which disappeared from India before Independence is present in the Abujhmaad area.

But why will the State Government do anything to protect these animals and birds.They are not able to protect even the Bastar
Hill Myna Bird.

And why should the State Government care about the animals,birds,forest,tribals etc of Bastar.....

and if they do so how will they let the likes of Tata, Essar,Jindal and other miners exploit the Bastar Region.....

Urgent Request- Any Individual or Organisation who really feel for the trees,the animals,the birds,the rivers please come forward and do something to protect a beautiful world called Bastar...

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