Saturday, September 8, 2007

Interesting quote on who killed Che and Pravir Chandra Bhanjdeo(The King of Bastar)....

This year is the fortieth anniversary of the slaying of the great Che Guevara by the CIA and their henchmen in Bolivia. Prabir Chand Bhanjdeo was killed about the same time.

though poles apart ideologically both were champions of the basic right of poor people to live with dignity and in freedom. something that capitalism cannot and does not want to countenance despite all the pious talk of freedom mouthed by its liberal apologists.

That both prabir and che are still remembered today is testimony to the fact that the battle for justice will never end despite all the chest beating by capitalists and their apologists of the irrelevance of leftist politics. So it is irrelevant to ask as to who killed Prabir or Che and more important to ask whether there are more like them prepared to lay down their lives in the unfinished battle for justice.

Rahul Banerjee

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