Sunday, September 30, 2007

Who will save the Tribals from such vultures????

(SDOP Mr.Pawar of Dornapal Camp)
The above snap is from the Pollampalli Camp which also comes under Mr.Pawar.Not once did he let us speak to the tribals in private in the camps.But one old lady gathered some courage and told us that he also has ravaged the modesty of many tribal women along with the SPOs at the time of raiding villages which did't join Salwa Judum initially.
Even the young girls and women living in the camps are being systematically abused by the likes of above Police Officers and other Armed Forces.
SP Rahul Sharma has great things to say about Pawar since Pawar saves him the trouble of going to the remote SJ Camps.
Rahul Sharma sits in his air conditioned office at Dantewada and misleads the general public from knowing the dirty side of Salwa Judum.
Most of the journalist at Dantewada are on his payroll so one can imagine
the condition of the press there.

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