Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Che's Assassin Gets Free Cuban Surgery

Cuban doctors doing free cataract surgery at a hospitaldonated by the Island operated on Bolivian ex SergeantMario Teran assassin of guerrilla Ernesto Che Guevara in1967 Teran, now an elderly, was operated on in Santa Cruz at aninstitution that President Evo Morales inaugurated.
The ex military slain Che in October 1967 at the school inLa Higuera, after he was caught wounded and unarmed the daybefore, reminds the Cuban daily Granma in its feature Chevuelve a ganar otro combate (Che Wins a New Combat)."No one will remember him tomorrow, as it happened fourdecades ago when he hit the news (...) I ask you not erasethis name (Mario Teran) from your memory, so no one willforget and all will judge," said the author.
Teran Jr. Went to Santa Cruz daily El Deber as asked torelease a note thanking the Cuban doctors who restored hisfather's sight via Operation Miracle program.He will never be able to draw a line between the ideas thatturned him a cold-blooded murderer and this man that sentdoctors from his guerrilla ranks to cure alike woundedcomrades and enemies.
And stresses "Remember this name: Mario Teran, a mantrained to kill that sees again thanks to the doctors thatfollowed the ideas of his victim."Teran followed orders of Generals Renre Barrientos andAlfredo Ovando, the White House and the CentralIntelligence Agency, reminds the source.
Che did not even close his eyes after he died to be able to accuse his assassin that resorted to alcohol to fulfill the order.He told the media later that he shook like a leaf before that man whom at the moment he saw "big, very big, huge,"reads the page.
Wounded and unarmed, Che Guevara had the courage hisassassin lacked to open his worn-out green-olive shirt, toshow his chest and shout: Stop shaking and shoot here, thatyou are going to kill a man, he reminds."Now an old man, he will be able to see the colors of thesky and the forest again, enjoy t e smile of his grandchildren and watch soccer matches."
The feature concludes that four decades after Mario Terantried to destroy a dream and ideals with his crime, Chewins another combat and continues in campaign.

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