Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Enemies of the Constitutional Reform are the Lifelong Counter Revolutionaries.....

In Venezuela, a new battle is being fought out of the wardeclared by Washington eight years ago to the BolivarianRevolution and its leader, President Hugo Chávez. Sincethen, Washington has been making efforts to destroy thispeaceful and new process that has gone beyond Venezuelanand whose goals are the same of Simón Bolívar's:independence, freedom and integration of the Latin Americanand Caribbean people, a dream that was shattered by theEmpire, together with obedient governments, oligarchies andthe Church.
This fight - in which the United States has invested huge economic resources and deployed an army equipped with themost sophisticated arms created in dirty war laboratories -is aimed at taking and destroying the ConstitutionalReform, a stronghold project of sovereignty, geo-strategicsecurity, and territorial rearrangement recently proposedby the Venezuelan head of State in order to strengthen therevolutionary government's achievements.
Reforming 33 articles of the Venezuelan Constitution is nota fancy, or a Chávez's move to remain in office forever assome enemies of this project claim; it is a necessarymeasure to consolidate the country's peace, security,sovereignty and integral development, as Venezuelan lawyerand congressmen Carlos Escarrá wrote in one of hisarticles."The need of reforming the Constitution - explains Escarrá- is due to the dynamic of changing historical, political,social, economic and cultural paradigms. They need theadaptation of the social pact to the current phase of therevolutionary process in the construction of a newpolitical model, through the development of a new socialismadapted to current times and based on Simón Bolívar'sthought. Therefore, it is necessary to provide the Statewith tools and means in order to deepen and continue thework it started in the year 1999."On the other hand, the strategy of the war declared to thereform by the enemies of the Bolivarian Revolution, who arethe lifelong counterrevolutionaries, is part of the sameconspiracy agenda designed decades ago.
But it includes newmechanisms and secret methods since it now deploys aircraftcarriers, destroyers and installs military bases in orderto intimidate people. Likewise, it includes endorsingunfair free trade agreements, as well as agreements tofight drugs, and providing economic help in order toinfiltrate its destabilizing agents.In spite of these changes, the Declaration ofAnti-principles and Anti-values of the former U.S.Secretary of State Henry Kissinger is always present in theminds of yankees presidents and their assistants. We haveto remember that Kissinger is one of the biggest criminalsin history who established with that declaration - as hehad to face an imminent victory of Salvador Allende inChile in September 1970 – the foundations of the policyWashington has to follow when dealing with all theprogressive governments in Latin America and the Caribbean."I dont see why we need to stand by and watch a country gocommunist due to the irresponsibility of its people," saidonce the former U.S National Security Advisor.Kissingers' words paved the way so that President RichardNixon could strengthen the conspiracy campaign against theChilean revolutionary process that ended up with AugustoPinochet toppling Allende. Pinochet then plunged Chile intoone of the darkest era of Latin America's history. In thisera, George W. Bush has been trying in vain to buryVenezuela by promoting coups d' état, oil boycotts,strikes, and paramilitaries in order to kill PresidentChávez; and now he is attacking a liberating Reform.Notwithstanding, the Empire still tries to apply itspro-coup model in countries such as Venezuela and Cuba inorder to overthrow their governments.
Washington's arsenal used in dirty wars include a legion ofmercenaries whose goal is to destroy all the progressiveprocesses in any country.Former presidents, politicians and intellectuals stand outas the Empire's allies or puppets and seek their politicalresurrection. They attend Washington-financed summits andforums right on time in order to use their weak fangs toinoculate slanders and lies about the leader of theVenezuelan Revolution and the new revolutionary processesin Latin American.They resemble the crusaders sent by the Popes to the HolyLand. They just sought to open a route so that the desiredspices could enter Europe. The only difference is thattoday the 21st Century's Nero seeks to takeover LatinAmerica's oil, gas iron and water and sends Vicente Fox,Alejandro Toledo, José Maríoa Aznar and Mario Vargas Llosa,who accused the Venezuelan president of being adestabilizing factor in the region as if they were puppetssitting on the imperial ventriloquist's lap.One of the weapons that has caused a huge damage to LatinAmerica's and the Caribbean's revolutionary processes –just as it did in colonial times by contributing to thegenocide of million indigenous people – is the CatholicChurch, a pro-empire institution responsible of the fall ofthe First Republic in Venezuela. In 1812, as the earthquaketook place, its priests conspired against independence andassured the naïve people that this disaster was apunishment from heaven because they rebelled against a king"representing God's will."Washington took advantage of the Church'scounterrevolutionary attitude and made it an accessory toits crimes in the region, such as the Church'sparticipation in the coup d' état against Jacobo Arbenz in1954. Such a coup paved the way to one of the biggestgenocides in history by killing over 200,000 Guatemalans,most of who were indigenous.
By then, Guatemala'sArchbishop ordered to bring the image of the EsquipulasChrist and appointed it "leader of the Christian crusadeagainst communism; this move helped overthrow a democraticPresident.Likewise, the Church is a mute accessory to the slaughtercaused by the military dictatorships that laid waste toArgentina, Brazil and Chile, countries where thousandpeople, together with their families, were killed, torturedand even threw off into the sea from aircrafts or buried inunderground cemeteries, while the Church did not say a wordto protest against this measures.
Nowadays, the Church's hierarchs play their conspiracysecular role in Venezuela as they have become fakedefenders of a freedom and justice which they neverdefended from the crimes committed by past regimes in theIV Republic. But now, they join the chorus of enemies ofthe Bolivarian Revolution and present the ConstitutionalReform presented by Hugo Chávez as a threat to freedom andrights.It is the same old story told by greed businessmen andwomen, corrupt union leaders, and old and new politiciansfinanced by the Empire.
They claim the imminent end offreedom of expression, private property, and all theexisting human rights if the Constitutional Reform proposedby President Chávez is approved.This new battle seeks to destroy the Venezuelan president'sdecision to perfect a Constitution - described as one ofthe world's most advanced - in order to strengthen theBolivarian revolutionary process and move forward towardsthe Venezuelan people's progress and welfare.
As it is usual, the Empire's private media participate inthis battle by inoculating poison from their privatenewspaper, radio and TV stations. Their problem is thattheir conscience-devastating attacks lack the penetratingpower they used to have. Also, their messages are opposedby a media network at the service of the country's realinterests by taking the truth to a people who have gainedenough political awareness in order to analyze, decode andrejecting such conspiracy messages.Since Venezuela's new political and social reality, under ahumanist revolution, aims at building a better future forchildren, most analysts think that any conspiracy designedand applied by Washington will be strongly opposed by theVenezuelan people.They agree with the progressive sectors' and governments'opinion that the Bolivarian Revolution and its leader HugoChávez are the model to be followed and the path that willlead us to our definite freedom and independence in orderto overcome the poverty, ignorance, and diseases caused bythe European and yankee empires.Those countries whose people were exploited and resourceswere looted became the so called underdeveloped countries;they are the ones that support the revolutionary victory inthis new battle fought by President Hugo Chávez against theUnited States and its Church's lackeys, greed businessmenand women, corrupt union leaders, and old and newpoliticians who try to prevent the Constitutional Reformfrom being approved.
Nevertheless, as President Chávez has warned, we have to bealert in order to avoid any pro-coup attempt in the fewdays after holding the referendum since the enemy'sdesperation and frustration could make it embark on a newpro-coup adventure.As the Minister of Popular Power for Defense, GeneralGustavo Rangel Briceño, "the little fire that flares up canbe extinguished."This is a serious warning delivered by a General of theVenezuelan Army Forging Freedoms to the conspirators. Thissame army defeated in Ayacucho Spain's imperial army 183years ago.
Now, with Hugo Chávez as its Commander in Chief andaccompanied by the people, this army is ready to defeat the yankee empire and its lackeys when the ConstitutionalReform is approved next December. It will be a further steptowards Bolívar's integrating dream.
Opinion article by Hernán Mena Cifuentes / Bolivarian NewsAgency (ABN)

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