Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Maoists seize govt warehouses and fed the Masses ..........

The evisionsit CPM is busy with the Indo-US nuclear deal at the centre, their 'comrades' in Bengal are facing a different kind of protest in the state. A copy of the mouthpiece of the Maoists organization - Guerilla Barta - which is calling on people to loot food warehouses and feed the masses.
("Don't beg anymore, don't die out of starvation. Government's warehouse is people's warehouse." )

"Don't beg anymore, don't die out of starvation! Government's warehouse is people's warehouse! We should take over that food warehouse with force! Come forward and be ready" is exactly the message Guerilla Batra is giving people.

The government too believes Maoist elements are behind these attacks on ration shops. A series of violent protests have emerged against corrupt ration dealers in the recent past. People are angry as they haven't got wheat, rice or sugar for last few months.

Reacting to the attacks the CPM secretary has called this a `conspiracy against the West Bengal government', west Bengal Home Secretary Prasad Ranjan Ray has said.


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