Friday, October 19, 2007

More on Bhumkal,Rao Ghat and 6th Schedule.............

Undivided Bastar is larger in geographical area then Kerala State. Primitiveculture art, tradition and Adivasi life style has the power to destroy imperialism. The best scholars in the world are doing research on how the tribals lead to happy and lengthy life even in the absence of material comforts. The study on their genes are also going on.

Under article 244 of the Indian constitution scheduled areas were established under fifth schedule where all the administrative and executive power will be in the hands of native people. Today they are fighting for their rights through the reservations provided to them by the constitution.

They had their own culture and customs. According to that culture for them their society is the highest.Today in Bastar Bhoomkal Manjhi Govt. system is going on by Manjhi Sarkar,Pargana, Manjhis, Chalkis, Permad, Gyata, Pujaris and Barelas according totheir primitive tradition.

Even Mughal emperors also respected them. But thesuppressive and exploitative policies of the Britishers led Bhoomkal ManjhiGovt. to revolt. This freedom movement was led by Amarvir Gundadhur. This movement affected the whole Bastar State.The leader of the Bhhomkal Manjhi Govt. Amarvir Gundadhur shouted the sloganâ€" "We want Adivasi Muriya Raj".

This Bhoomkal movement was known as Bhoomkal blood revolution. In 1911 British Govt. declared Bastar as independent state before the leadership of martyr Gundadhar.The puja is performed of Rajarao Bhatta Rao on Raoghat hills. There is a huge temple of Purwatraj and Maoli Mata, Danteshwari' s fair is organized every year.

Raoghat is also called as Raodongri, there are many herbal plants on this hill including huge forest cover. This hill is the soul of human being as it has the valuable stones and NTFP like Mahua, Sal seed, Tori etc.In that case mining on this hill is against the primitive culture of the tribes.

In the month June 2007 huge crowd of tribe demonstrated campaign against the mining of Raoghat hill. The Raoghat hill is the natural place ofworkship, where all human beings live in harmony. In today's modern age also life is not possible without forest.

In the 1990-91 census of trees by forest department, there were 7.1 thousand million trees on Raoghat. So destroying this forest in also against public interest. Bastar is a tribal dominated area. So the MNCs under the pressure of world market are lootingthe natural resources in the name of industrialization.

There are VaishnavDevi temple and Bamleshwari temple on this hill. Both these (Shaktipeeths)powerful holy place are centre of belief of Bastar. But the centre of worship and beliefs of tribes has no place in the thinking of capitalism.

Some people are trying to suppress tribal people and remove them from their native places in the name of development. Tribal culture is at the verge of destruction, so this is the need of the hour to implement sixth schedule in tribal area.

Ratneshwar Nath


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