Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Noble way to protest Monsanto Company....

People affected feel that Monsanto is the worst company ever.So they have started a noble way of protesting by wearing T-Shirts exposing the Company.
I sincerely hope that this trend starts in India also to fight the exploitation by the Companies like Tata Steel,Essar,Jindal,Posco,Vedanta and others.
An old article to explain more about Monsanto ----
Canada endorsing Monsanto 'suicide seeds'
Leaked document reveals secret plans
Ottawa, Canada — A document leaked to the ETC group reveals that Canada is going to the UN to promote "terminator" technology: genetically engineered (GE) seeds designed to grow crops which can't reproduce. These "suicide seeds," designed solely to protect the patents and profits of multinational corporations, are currently forbidden from being planted outside the lab. The secret instructions to Canada's delegation: block concensus on any other option than testing these seeds in the wild.

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