Friday, November 16, 2007

More on Vedanta Group....

Even after being blacklisted in Norway the plunder of Niyamgiri hills in Orissa continues by this group.Above is an Ad in todays paper for railway track in these areas.

Below is a piece taken from CGNET.....

Vedanta faces more protests over environment

Posted by: "Pankaj Oudhia" pankajoudhia
Wed Nov 14, 2007 8:00 am (PST)

Thanks for sharing this news. I want to share my views regardinganother approach to be adopted for this burning issue.

It is bitter fact that we failed to inform the common people about Niyamgiri and mining issue. Majority of Indians are not aware of actual condition. Even in Bhavanipatna one of my friends when raised the issue of increasing summer heat in the region, I warned that it will increase after destruction of Niyamgiri. He showed surprise and next morning invited local TV channel team and force me to say it directly.

After coming back from Lanjigarh, when I wrote article in Hindi farm journals about the situation, beyond expectation many readers, mainly farmers responded in positive way.

Kisan Samittee from Haryana said that they want to visit Niyamgiri to support this cause. The responses from Rajasthan were most encouraging. In this state my article appeared in Krishi Amrit published from Kota. When I wrote poem titled 'Tears of Niyamgiri' many poets approached to me for more information about this place and suggested to publish one collection by eminent poets in this issue.

In gist, I must say that there is need to explain the actual problem to common people in order to get their support. If they are with us,no authority will dare to go against public opinion. If you search 'Niyamgiri' in google you will find only 956 results.Most results are from tourism sites.

It shows that we failed to motivate the writers and media persons to make this issue important. Earlier Ecoport results were in google in form of over 4,000 results for Niyamgiri but now these results are not visible through google orsearch engines. Also reports on Lohandiguda and Raigarh are not in search engines.

During initial phase of my Parthenium awareness campaign I was much frustrated as common people were not aware of this allergy weed. I invested last ten years to simply write articles, deliver lectures and distribute pamphlets regarding this weed. As result now at least they know about the Parthenium as well as harms caused by it. I feel that such approach must be adopted in case of Niyamgiri like issues.


Pankaj Oudhia

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