Sunday, November 25, 2007

See Barbaric India...........

(BARBARIC: A local resident drags a woman, member of the Assam Tea Tribe Students Association at Beltola Survey, in Guwahati on Saturday 24/11/07)

Is this the right way of taking out your frustration against any community?Does this make me feel proud to be an Indian?
What has happened to our society where there is no value for human life?
Recently there was an anti Salwa Judum rally at Jagdalpur called by the "Adivasi Mahasabha" where nearlly two lac tribals had gathered.What if the supporters of SJ and the business community of Bastar had conspired to do something like what happened at Guwahati???I don't know how many peace loving Adivasis would have been put to death then.
Guwahati happened because of the double standards of the policy makers in India who are nothing but boot-lickers of Tata,Jindal,Essar,Posco,Mittal and others.
If a Marwari-Baniya or a Sindi businessmen is allowed to set up business anywhere in the country without any hassels then why can't a Tribal enjoy ST Status in other States of India?The Business community feels India is a nation where there is equal status for everyone as long as they are benefitting.The moment Adivasis starts demanding their rights under the constitution of India the whole nation remains divided.
For example,before Chhattisgarh was formed lot of Adivasis from C.G. made the current Madya Pradesh as their home.But under the current arrangement in our great country the tribals of Chhattisgarh cannot use reservation meant for them in the constitution in Madhya Pradesh.Infact they will come under general category in M.P.
Why this double standard?

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