Friday, February 15, 2008

Autralian Prime Minister says sorry to the Aboriginals.When will Indian Politicians say sorry to India's Indigenous People???Will they ever.....

There is so much truth when people say that its a "White Men's World".
The so called "White Men" of Autralia killed,raped,displaced,snatched children of the Aborigines of Autralia for hundred of years.And now that there is nothing to loot from the Aborigines the Autralian P.M. says "Sorry" to them and sheds some crocodile tears.
So how are our Politicians and the likes of Tatas,Ambanis,Jindal,Essars different from the "White Men" of Australia?
The only difference I see is that while in Australia the "White Men" have finished looting their Indigenous people, in India the loot has recently started under the garb of SEZ (Special Economic Zone).The nexus between the Politicians and the likes of Tatas and Ambanis are making sure that all the tribal areas of India are in their control in the name of development.
So may be few years from now when the Tatas,Ambanis,Jindal,Essars,Posco,Vedanta and others have finished forcefully capturing the land of the Indigenous People of India thus completly destroying their culture/tradition some Indian Prime Minister will come forward and say "Sorry" on the same lines as the Australian Prime Minister.

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