Thursday, March 13, 2008


(Ratan Tata the Tata Supremo,responsible for so many deaths) (Right is the photo of one of his many victims)

Today, at the public hearing held by OSPCB at Naraj for the proposed thermal power plant by TATA Power, a Singur-Kalinga Nagar kind of fiasco unfolded in typical Company Raj style with drunk goondas sponsored by TATA and corrupt local policepersons ineterfering in peaceful proceedings of the public hearing and beating the villagers in the presence of some very well respected activists of the state. It all started after the TATA representative made formal announcements about the proposed project and the local people's turn to air their opinion came. When people started saying that they would not allow the project at any cost in their lands due to issues of pollution, displacement and livelihood five local goondas in an inabrieted state took over the stage, manhandled the speakers, damaged all microphones and speakers and stopped the people from speaking with slogans - "TATA will happen even if people have to be killed".

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