Sunday, March 30, 2008

Corporate Control of ones Passion....

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The cricket Test Match between India and South Africa ended in draw today.The match was played at Chennai.

Like me there were millions of Indian who couldn't see the single ball of the match.

The Tata owned sattelite television "Tata Sky" who were telecasting this match also had the arrogance of giving their ads in all leading news papers saying"Watch match only on Tata Sky".

I wonder how many of us can afford this shift from the regular cable T.V. to Sattellite T.V?May be Tata knows very well as to how to cash on the emotions of the common man of India.They know very well that cricket is a passion in India and players like Tendulkar are like God.So why won't the common man go ahead and buy"Tata Sky" no matter how much they hate Tata?After all we are talking of ones passion here.

Some time I wonder why we keep elections when I know whichever party comes to power will be controlled by Corporate houses like Tata,Reliance,Essar,Jindals and others.Why not make these people the PM,CM,President,Vice-President?????

Then we have our flamboyant owner of UB Group,Kingfisher Airline Mr.Vijay Mallya.If above news is to be believed he has successfully netogiated with the government and got himself 1000 acres of land in the Himalayas where he is planning a resort for the rich and the famous.

Mr.Mallya Sir how about doing something for more than 30 crores(300 million) people of India who survive on less than Rs. 20 per day???????

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