Friday, March 21, 2008

Is killing of women and infant in cold blood macho enough for the Grey Hounds and other forces of India?

Here are the two news from two different newspapers of Chhattisgarh.

If one has to come to a conclusion as to what really happened at Pamed-Encounter,this could be a good source.

Everybody is against the violent ways of the naxals.But the para-military forces have all the resources with them.They have the Government,The courts,everything.So why kill unnecessarily?Why can't they be brought to justice through proper channels if they are not armed.Atleast this will save the killings of women and children.

But at Pamed-Encounter it looks like all the naxalites including women and an eight year old boy were killed in cold blood by the Grey Hounds(Andra Anti-Naxal Force),Chhattisgrh Police,CRPF and the supporters of Salwa Judum.

The so called Naxalites were attending a wedding and the sweet-dish offered to them was poisoned by the supporters of Salwa Judum.When they became unconcious our brave Grey Hounds and CRPF forces killed them mercilessly including the 8 year old boy.

Are our Forces become so inhuman that they don't feel any pain at the time of killing unarmed men,women and children?Aren't they also our brother and sister?Do they sleep well knowing very well that they have killed women and children in the name of cleansing Naxalism?

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Renegade Eye said...

My comrades plan to set up a group in India. Our work was disrupted by Bhutto's assasination.

The Naxalites need to organize broad support against reactionary attack.