Saturday, May 24, 2008

Advani's-"My Country,My Life","My Life Good,Tribal Life Bad"

Above is the news from today's Hitavada News Paper.Both news had come together.

On one had preparation were at full swing to welcome Advani for the flagging off of Raman's Singh's "Vikas Yatra" in Dantewada and on the other hand CRPF killed a woman and a 4 year old in Salwa Judum Relief Camp at Cherpal.

I thought these camps were meant to protect the villagers from the naxalites?Or is it a target practice for the para-military?

This incident also coincides with the returning of the Human Rights Team which was in Dantewada to probe the misdoings of the Salwa Judum.The very cunning SP Dantewada Rahul Sharma told the Human Rights team that since Advani is coming he won't be able to give security to them.

How long will the people from my community suffer at the hands of the Salwa Judum and para-military and the politicians?How long will our villages be burnt,men killed,women raped,children killed,forest cleared,mountains dug,rivers sold??????

Thank you Advani and Raman Singh for putting salt to our wounds by starting your "Vikas Yatra" not ours from Dantewada....

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