Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"Salwa Judum" -Supposedly Tribal movement without Tribal Leadership.....

Every one knows that 99% people getting affected by the Salwa Judum are the Koya/Gond Tribes of Bastar.But look at the names of the Salwa Judum Leaders and other Judum support

1.President - Mo.Haneef Khan

2.Organiser - Krishna Pujari

3.For special support and organisation of Slawa Judum- Radheshyam Soni (Elected by the Business Community of South Bastar)

4.For providing transport - Amavat Khan.

The above team was elected according to the newspaper by the Salwa Judum activist,Business Community and in the end it says villagers.

Why won't Salwa Judum be synonymous to killing tribal,raping their women,burning their houses etc when people running the Salwa Judum Show have little to do with the tribal and their culture.These people are running SJ to fill their pockets and not save tribal from maoist.

Its high time the people of Bastar realize that the Business Community will always ditch the Tribal people and their cause when it comes to making money.So what if 700 villages are burnt down,thousand killed and raped,the business community in Bastar is flourishing....

When CM Raman Singh and DGP Vishwaranjan say that SJ is a movement initiated by the tribals then they should make sure the leaders of SJ are from this community only so that atrocities are not committed on the Koya tribes of Bastar.

But why should Raman Singh bother after all he is also an outsider from Uttar Pradesh pretending to work for the cause of the indigenous people of Chattisgarh.

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