Saturday, June 21, 2008

Koyas leaving Bastar because of Red Army or Salwa Judum?????????

Hyderabad, June 19: An increase in Naxalite activities in the past six months have driven 1.2 lakh Gutti Koya tribals of Chhattisgarh to Khammam, a border district of Andhra Pradesh.

A confidential report of the Intelligence Bureau has cautioned the Andhra Pradesh government of growing unrest among tribals in the border districts as well as increasing instances of violence due to the red army.

Reports state that Koyas are migrating to Andhra Pradesh villages instead of camps set up by Salwa Judum cadre— groups constituted by the state government to resist Naxalite unrest. Koyas are also percolating into Warangal and west Godavari districts.

“Not wanting to face the wrath of the Naxalite army, the tribals are running away from Chhattisgarh into the bordering villages,” said D.S. Chauhan, the Khammam superintendent of police.

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