Friday, July 11, 2008

Good Begining for tribals who want to leave Salwa Judum Camps...............

Human Shield in Nendra & Vechapal

In the 3 years after the start of Salwa Judum, more than 700 villages in South Bastar have experienced barbaric violence .

47,000 people are living in roadside camps.

No body knows of the whereabouts of the rest of the people, estimated at about 3 lakh, but we do know that many of them had to take shelter in neighbouring States.

The administration claims that no one lives in these villages, and they have stopped providing support for education, health and PDS etc.

We know that many people are still living in these villages.

The time has come to start a process for people to return to their homes and attempt to live a normal life.
Vanvasi Chetna Ashram in Dantewada has made a beginning.

Two villages Nendra in Dantewada and Vechapad in Bijapur have been chosen to start the action in the form of Human Shield.

Here Human Shield members will live with the villagers to give them moral support to restart their lives.

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