Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mother of arrested boy from Nendra writes to CM

Vetti Adme, mother of Vetti Pojja (14) the boy from Nendra who was arrested after being wounded in police firing have written a letter to Chief Minister Chhattisgarh. We are sending you a copy. The copy of the letter has been sent to all the high and mighty in the country including Prime Minister, President, Governor Chhattisgarh, NHRC etc

( Moderator's note : We have uploaded the letter at :http://www.cgnet. in/FT/FT/ humanshield/ file.2008- 07-23.8492479039 /file_view )

As Vetti Pojja was the only male member in the family his mother was unable to start cultivation in their farm in Nendra. So 2 Vanvasi Chetna Ashram human shield members are ploughing with Pojja's mother Vetti Adme. Vetti Pojja remains in Dantewada jail. As you know he and Madkam Bhima ( 16) were arrested by police from outside Nendra and were charged with "attack on police with bows and arrows".

We have now made a bigger shed in Nendra with polythin sheets where families returning to Nendra can stay during the rain till they rebuild their houses. Yesterday 4 ladies came from nearby villages to check the situation. Now they have gone back to bring back their family so that they can start rebuilding their houses in Nendra.

We have sent another team of Human Shield members to replace the first team but no one from the old team wants to return. So we have now 20 Human Shield members in Nendra. Uday the earlier team leader is down with jaundice. So Sukhdeve is the new team leader of Human Shield team in Nendra

We again request you to join our Human Shield team to encourage them.

To read full details on the Human Shield experiment in Nendra pls go to : http://www.cgnet. in/FT/humanshiel d/index_html/ document_ view )


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