Friday, September 19, 2008

Spiritual guru offers to mediate between government, Maoists

Spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Thursday offered to mediate between Maoist rebels and the Chhattisgarh government.

Shankar, who is founder of the Art of Living Foundation, said: 'I am ready to mediate between Maoists and the government for finding a solution to Maoist violence.' He was speaking at a function at Jagdalpur town, the regional headquarters of Bastar region.

Maoists have been running a de facto administration since early 1980s in the mineral rich forested interiors of Bastar region spread out in about 40,000 sq km of state's southern region.

'I call upon Maoists to shun violence. I know they (Maoists) are not too bad but most unfortunate thing is they have been using guns and shedding bloods which is not fair,' he said in the presence of several leaders including Baliram Kashyap, MP from Bastar.

He added that there is a possibility to find a solution to Maoist violence through constitutional means.


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