Thursday, January 15, 2009


I would like to pick up the relevant portion from the address of the Hon'ble Chief Minister, made on the floor of the house, I quote :|
"Salwa Judum is the answer to get rid of the naxal menace in the state and made it clear that it would end only after the end of naxalism in the state".
The statement is made at that point of time, when innocent tribals were being killed and their property was looted by the Salwa Judum actors for the only fault of that those tribals refused to be part of the Salwa Judum militia.

I raise the following to discuss the issue:

Ø There is no doubt that Naxals are having their strong presence in the state of Chhattisgarh. 14 out of 18 districts of Chhattisgarh are in the grip of naxal related problems

Ø When the Chief Minister says on the floor of the house that "Salwa Judum is the answer to get rid of the naxal menace in the state" and made it clear that "it would end only after the end of naxalism in the state"

I would like to ask few simple questions to the Hon'ble Chief Minister.

1. Right to life and Right to own property is the constitutional rights of the citizens of India. No body is empowered to deny those rights nor can play mischief with it.

2. It is the duty of the state to protect the lives and p

properties of the citizens irrespective of caste, creed or

religion, poor or rich.

3. Now, when the Chief Minister says that Salwa Judum is

the answer to get rid of Naxal menace, he directly

agrees that his police force has proved to be the failure

to tackle naxal menace and now depend on the Salwa

Judum which has proved that it is nothing less than a

milit ia organization.

4. Chief Minister has confirmed on the floor of the house that Salwa Judum is the answer to the Naxal menace, and then the question arises,

Ø What is so special at Datewada that the state is behind the tribals to force them to fight with Naxals in the name of Salwa Judum?

Ø Why at Dantewada area only and not any where else in the state?

Ø Is it because the largest investor of the country i.e. House of Tatas have interest in those areas for mining of iron ores?

Ø Is it a mere coincidence that immediately within less than 24 hours of inking the MoU with the Tata Iron and Steel Company on 4th of June, 2005, Salwa Judum began at Kutru Police Station area on 5th of June, 2005?????

The recent killings of tribals at Singavaram under the Golapalli Police Station area in the district of Dantewada have pulled off the veil from the face of the administration about the truth of Salwa Judum. Those tribals were forced to desert their villages and join the Salwa Judum forces, ended with the looting of their property and killing 17 of them when they denied to do so.

Height of the tragedy is that while the Salwa Judum is on looting and killing spree, Hon'ble Chief Minister glorifies them on the floor of the house.

What is now needed to take strong and drastic action against the injustices done to the tribals of Bastar in the name of cleansing naxalites. To cleanse naxalites from the soil of the state is the job of the state and not the innocent tribals. Why they should be forced to do so and why they are forced to pay heavy price for their refusal to join the state sponsored Salwa Judum militia needs answer.

It is pity to see that congress party even as an opposition party has failed to perform their role. Though they have 38 MLAs against 50 of the BJP party, they are proving to be inefficient lot more particularly in the matter of raising and and supportingg the people when they need them the most. They need to learn lessons from Ms. Mamta Banerjee whose Trinamul Congress has only 30 MLAs in the house against the mammoth 235 MLAs from the left but Mamata is making them on the run even in a small issue that pertains to the injutices caused to the people. Singur and Nandigram has resulted in throwing out CPM party out from almost all the Panchayats and now have MLAs also in both the areas. The recent by election has been won by her party with a margin of 40,000 votes on a seat that fell vacant by the death of the CPM MLA. People have supported her because she supported them in the hour of their need and pushed out the left parties from even their strong holds.

Pravin Patel

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