Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Environmentalist protest against Vedanta/Sterlite "Green Award"...

watch the video of the protest,click on the link


Its amazing how the corporate world controls each and everything in this world whether its the government policies or the International Awards for Environment.

Look at Chhattisgarh,first Vedanta/Sterlite owned by Anil Agrawal took control of Balco in Korba and then slowly started occupying vast stretch of forest land and for this they have been served notices by the Government also under public pressure but nothing ever happened.

Infact Chhattisgarh Government has awarded them huge piece of land in Raipur for a cancer hospital.So on one hand Anil Agrawal destroys environment and pollutes cities to produce cancer patients and on the other hand builds a cancer hospital to help his conscience.Amazing work Mr.Agrawal..........

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