Monday, October 26, 2009

‘Do We Want Our Troops To Get Stuck Like The Americans In Afghanistan?’

HE WILL always be referred to as the man who brought peace to Punjab; as the security strategist who wiped out terrorism in the border state a few years after it had claimed the life of Indira Gandhi, the country’s serving prime minister. Few thought they would see a solution to the escalating Punjab insurgency till Gill pulled it off. After spending close to 25 years — and earning his spurs — in the insurgency-ridden state of Assam, he was brought to Punjab in 1984. Gill got down to the task of dealing with the khadkus (terrorists) soon after Operation Blue Star, an ill-advised armoured attack on the Golden Temple — the most revered Sikh shrine — that only added to the ranks of the AK-47 brigade.


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