Thursday, December 17, 2009

After nearlly 5 years of "Salwa Judum",Tata deny sponsering this movement against the innocent Tribal...

Tata Steel says report not being factual
Tata Steel, which has been named by the land reforms committee in the context of land acquisition against the wishes of people, has complained to the ministry of rural development that the report has levelled false accusations against the company.

“The report accuses us of being the supporter and the first financier of Salwa Judum, the so-called anti-Naxalite movement of the people of the area. We would like to clarify here that the Salwa Judum movement was already operational before we signed an MOU with the State government for setting up the steel plant in the region. We emphatically declare that we have never supported or financed Salwa Judum or any such organization. We are not connected with them in any way.’’

“For the displaced families of Kalinganagar (Orissa), we have gone beyond the stipulations of R&R policy to give long-term assurance for better quality of life and this has led to the formation of concept of ‘Tata Steel Parivar’ - Tata Steel’s own R&R programme. We are proud to say that we are the only company to have implemented such a benevolent initiative for the rehabilitation of the displaced villagers. This unique initiative, apart from ensuring improvement in quality of life, is also giving importance to the cultural and emotional requirements of the displaced tribals. Till date, nearly 900 families have been rehabilitated and their progress is monitored closely. We shall be implementing Tata Steel Parivar at other greenfield projects of Chattisgarh & Jharkhand,’’ says the rejoinder.


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