Monday, January 8, 2007

The Commerce And Industry Minister is an Arrogant Man....

Dear sir/madam,

Subject:- Disturbing Comments by Kamalnath,The Minister of Commerce and Industry when asked about SEZ....

Not many people would know that Mr.Kamalnath is from Chhindwara District in Madhya

Pradesh once a Tribal dominant area and still is.

His forefathers as many other capitalist families had come here from other parts of India for

better opportunities by exploiting the poverty and naiveness of the

indiginous people.Today he can claim that he was from a business family and it was tough

decision for him to join politics but the fact remains that these people join

politics onlywith the sole idea of multiplying their businesses.

In an interview to NDTV today it was shocking to hear his views on SEZ and late Sitaram

Kesri.He said that during Sitaram Kesri's leadership he had decided to quit

politics because Mr.Kesri was from different generation and that he was from different

class.Isn't it obvious that people like Kamalnath feel that they are the supreme

leaders of this country and that dalits and tribals are there to be displaced and killed in the name

of development?The result is in front of everyone in the form of SEZ where

the biggest land scam in the whole world is taking place and the proud leader is an arrogant


It is arrogance or what when he put all the blame on the States regarding land acquisition and

that SEZ has nothing to do with.Will someday remind Mr.Kamalnath about

his score?Nearlly 1000 tribals dead in Bastar(Chhattisgarh) since "Salwa Judum" started which

I consider part of the SEZ scam,20 tribals in Kalingnagar(Orissa),10 in

Nandigram(W.Bengal),Singur etc. and very soon he will break all the records since the

movement against SEZ is like a second war of Independence for the poor people of


Navin Jindal of Jindal Steel and a politicians projects himself as a great son of country by

bringing up National Flag at each and every house but does anyone know whats

happening at Raigarh in Chhattisgarh where his Steel plant is located?There are thousands of

cases against his firm regarding terrorizing tribals to vacate their land for

expansion of his project,regarding illegal felling of forest,regading pollution etc.Can such a person

be termed as hero?

The bottom line is whether its Kamalnath,Navin Jindal,Ratan Tata,Ambani Brothers and

others,they feel its their birth right to suck the blood out of the dalits,tribals and

other marginalised people to make their Castles and dig holes in mother earth to multiply their

businesses. And people like me who feel pain for the poor will ultimately see

mother nature being destroyed by these progressive people and die young.



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