Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Ray of Hope for the Tribals of Chhattisgarh....

Dear Sir/Madam, Subject:- Ray of Hope for the Tribals of Bastar,Chhattisgarh......

If the media is to be believed Mr.Narsiman will be the 3rd Governor of Chhatisgarh replacing Mr.K.M.Seth who had an extended stay in Raipur.

I had the priveledge of meeting Mr.Seth and it was pretty obvious where his loyalties lied when asked about the inhuman acts being committed on the Tribals and Dalits of the State.We were asked to get proofs if at all there was anything wrong with "Salwa Judum".Was he trying to make fun of us since the whole world knows what SPO's and other Mahendra Karma's mercenaries are doing to the outsiders enquiring about "Salwa Judum".

Substantial part of Chhattisgarh is declared as Schedule Area by the President under the provisions of Article 244 read with the Fifth Schedule of the Constitution which doesn't permit non-tribal organisation or individuals to set up their businesses or purchase land in these tribal areas but its quite rampant in Chhattisgarh especially under the current State Government.Any land broker if you approach for cheap agriculture land will suggest you to buy Tribal land since he has direct link with the District Collectors.Mr.K.M.Seth again asked us to get proof.Don't you think if the Governor had the willingness to find out the truth he would have surely used government machinary for facts?But why he should care for the Tribals after all he is an ex army man and for him all the Tribals look like naxalites.

About illegal minings,about pollution in Raipur(Raipur has been declared the most polluted cityfor the second year in running),about illegal felling of forest, about the conditions of the Tribals in "Salwa Judum" camps etc all he can say is we should have brought proofs because whatever memorandum we had taken wasn't enough for him to take action. Fair enough after all the tribals are meant to be abused even though its the duty of the Governor to take of their interest.Was he obliging the present State government since they made him over stay in Chhattisgarh for more than one year?Not once did he criticise the present BJP Government for their step motherly behaviour for the Indigenous people infact he was very comfortable sharing the dias with the business community of Chhattisgarh.Even a small businessman from Bihari origin claims to have direct link with K.M Seth.I wonder what is the Connection?

Hope that the new Governor of Chhattisgarh looks after the interest of the Tribals and other indigenous people.



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