Sunday, February 25, 2007

Popular Tribal Communist Leader Manish Kunjam arrested for protesting against the land acquisition by tata steel at Jagdalpur in Bastar region....

What right the Tata Group has to disturb the peace of millions of Tribals,Farmers etc all over India?
Was brutal killing of Tribals at Kaling Nagar in Orissa last year not enough for the Tata's?
Is Singur not enough for Mr.Ratan Tata?
When the BJP government came to power there were huge posters of speaking bird "Bastar Hill Myna"
all over Raipur City but all is forgotten now.It had to be forgotten because if the State Government started
talking about wild life,Birds,forest and enviroment then how will they exploit the mineral reserve of Bastar?
My question to the exploiters is that what happens to Bastar once these mineral reserves are over?
Do these MNC's and Politicians care for the future generations?Will they be able to see the rich forest
reserve of Bastar?I seriously doubt it.
SAIL has given 5 crores to the State Government for acquiring land for the Railway Line from RaoGhat to Jagdalpur.
This is the same Railway Line which was rejected by the Environment Ministry of India in the year 1999.How has the
equations changed now?When there should be more concerned in these days of Global Warming,Tsunami etc still the Government
of India is pushing the country towards environmental disaster.
But who cares since as long as the MNC's are throwing there money at the Politicians everthing is fair.
It is believed that both Tata Steel and Essar have distributed money in the tunes of hundreds of crores amongst the Politicians
of the State Government,Mahendra Karma,K.M Seth etc to make "Salwa Judum" happen.
Does this not make Ratan Tata responsible for the death of thousands of Tribals since the start of "Salwa Judum"?
Please give it a thought...

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