Sunday, February 25, 2007

Who Will Save Bastar From The Ctutches of Tata's and Esssar's and Other Capitalists....

Singur has Mamta Banerjee and others..Uttar Pradesh has V.P.Singh and other high profile leader..

Who does Bastar have?Will Communist leaders like Manish Kunjam and Chittranjan Bakshi be
able to bring justice for the Tribals of Lohandiguda in Bastar District?

The whole world knows that Bastar Collector Ganesh Shanker Mishra used all illegal means
like camping whole night at the villages along with armed forces to get the permission of the
"Gram Sabhas".If the Collector feels that it was a free and fair "Gram Sabha" then why not
do it again in front of the world Press/Media??

Bastar which is a reserved area under Schedule 5 of the Constitution of India then why the
Tribals are being displaced for a Non-Tribal Organisation like Tata Group?Whether its Kanker,
Kondagaon,Keshkal,Jagdalpur,Narainpur,Dantewada etc the outsiders have over the years
not only made houses but also bought agricultural land which is totally against the Contitution
of India.

These are the same Capitalist forces who voice their support for projects like Tata Steel
and Essar Steel in Bastar Region because their forefathers came to Bastar to exploit the naiveness
of the Tribals and now they are millionaires so for them any exploiter whether its Tata or Essar is like
family to them and they welcome them with their arms wide open...

This is the community which should be responsible for the deaths and displacement of Lacs of Tribals
of Bastar region and once Tata is allowed to set their Industry very soon they will also be responsible for the
death of an age old culture and history which one day can save the world from extinction....

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