Thursday, March 8, 2007

Death Sentence to The Elephants,Bastar Hill Myna and ofcourse the Trbals....

When one talks about culture of Chhattisgarh one has to deeply think about the age old culture and traditions of the Tribals since they are in majority in this State..

Do you think that the Government whether at Center or State has any plans to safegaurd the interest of the Tribal Culture,Environment,Forest etc when it comes to Tata Steel,Essar,Iffco etc in Bastar and Sarguja areas?

What will happen to Bastar "Hill Myna" and Chitrakoot waterfall?

Todays paper there is an article about how elephants are creating havoc in Jashpur areas along with Orissa and Jharkhand areas.Who is responsible for this?Both the Governments since they didn't care about age old elephant forest at the time of giving licence to Iron-ore mining in these forest areas which cater also to more than 100 sponge iron units around Chhattisgarh.If people can come out of their Air conditioned rooms,offices and cars then they will realise how these Sponge Iron Units are suffocating the people of Raipur which already is having serious environmental hazards.

Most of the Hindus worship Elephant then why kill our own God?If the Governments are not sparing the Elephants,Bastar Hill Myna then why should they think twice about evicting the tribals from their homes afterall the tribals fall way down in the list of Elite ruling Class...

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