Thursday, March 8, 2007

After Mahto's killing will the brave politicians like Brijmohan Agrawal,Netam,Rajesh Munat,Raman Singh and others will venture into Maoist hit Areas??

Get ready for more VIP killings, says counter terrorism expert
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The assassination of Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM) MP Sunil Mahto in Jamshedpur is a precursor to 'more deadly killings of VIPs and VVIPs' with Maoists making 'tactical adjustments in war policy', says a top counter terrorism expert.

'Maoists have changed their war tactics. They will now target more and more senior politicians and top officials. This was decided in the Communist Party of India-Maoist (CPI-Maoist) 9th Congress held late February in a dense forest near the Chhattisgarh-Andhra Pradesh border,' said B.K. Ponwar, director of the Counter Terrorism and Jungle Warfare College (CTJWC) in Bastar.

He said over 100 frontline Maoist leaders, including some key foreign delegates, attended the congress and gave final touches for 'taking the battle to a new height'.

'Rather than killing small officials and leaders, they will now net the big fishes to get global attention. We have intelligence inputs that Maoists have decided at the 9th Congress to make tactical adjustments in their decade-old armed struggle,' Ponwar told IANS in a telephone interview.
Sunil Mahto, his three bodyguards and a JMM worker were killed Sunday evening in a village in Jamshedpur while watching a football match.
According to Ponwar, who was appointed in 2005 to lead the CTJWC set up in Bastar region's Kanker district to make police personnel experts in guerrilla warfare, politicians have always been soft targets as 'they have to visit interior regions'.

'The only way to deal with rebels is to destroy their military arms and completely dismantle their terror network -- otherwise you can't control them,' the guerrilla warfare expert warned.

Chhattisgarh Home Minister Ramvichar Netam also cautioned politicians in the state, one of the worst affected by Maoist violence, to visit forested areas only with proper security cover.
They should inform local police well in advance and act on their security-related suggestions, he said.

'Maoists are capable of doing anything. Now the time has come for the Indian government to launch an all out war on Maoist terror and finish them off,' Netam said over the phone from his home district Surguja.

I will ask Netamji"If you feel so strongly about finishing the Maoist then why make uneducated Adivasis as SPO's ,why not send their own children and relatives to fight the war?Netamji why not ask Brijmohan Agrawal,Rajesh Munat,Raman Singh and others to send their family to fight the maoist since they have huge business interest in Tribal Areas.Netamji its very easy to sit in your Air Conditioned office and talk big but the ground reality if totally different.If you people are real men then why not stay in the forest and fight the maoist instead of talking big."

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