Friday, March 9, 2007

An open letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Sigh.....

With reference to your comments published in today's(9/03/07) Hitavada paper I have
few questions for you...

You said about region-wise plan to boost farming and that you are concern over stagnation
in the growth of agriculture on one hand and you also said in the same breath that aggressive
industrialisation is the only answer to remove misery,poverty and employment...

Now I want to know whether aggressive industrialisation will boost farming?Under SEZ self-sufficiant
farmers are being displaced and their agriculture land is being acquired forcibly,is this how you are
planning to boost farming?

If you are really concerned about agriculture then you should be thinking on the lines of agro based
Industries to promote Hi-tech farming instead you are more interested in polluting Industries to cater
to the American Imperialism....This attitude of your government will never solve any issues which you
have talked about.....

As a farmer I feel your government is not people's government but that of the Ambani's and Tata's....



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