Wednesday, April 11, 2007

In support of my previous post....

(click on the image for larger view) ETV Chattisgarh even interviewed the Sarpanch of the village Satoshpur who said the Armed Forces killed seven of them and beat the rest of the villagers on the fateful night of 31 st march.

But "Dainik Bhaskar" newspaper publishes the same news which says six villagers were killed in the cross-fire between the Armed Forces and the Naxalites.Were the "Dainik Bhaskar" under pressure to supress the news aired by the ETV news Channel?

When the Sarpanch and the other villagers have told ETV and it was seen by so many people that the Policemen came and killed seven of them and threatened the rest of them of dire consequences then why "Dainik Bhaskar" went on publishing a lie?

Is Mr.Ramesh Agrawal of "Dainik Bhaskar" also planning to loot the
tribals of Bastar like the Tatas and the Essars?Afterall he also considers
himself as big as Ratan Tata(the exploiter).....

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